Msnbc feeds not updating

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You shouldn’t have to check an app to see if it’s raining, or turn on the TV to see if there’s a severe weather warning.

The Weather Channel has RSS feeds for every location they cover, and with the RSS filters we’ll look at below, you can have Zapier notify you based on specific weather events in your area.

If you’re not driving, you’ll want to know if the train’s delayed. Chicago has a number of RSS feeds with alerts for every part of its public transit system, and you’ll likely find similar feeds for your own city if you look around. Unless you’re a broker, you likely only need to keep track of a few stocks and funds, and perhaps major market movements, and there’s RSS feeds for that.

The NYSE and Nasdaq both have a number of RSS feeds available, and you’ll find similar feeds from most other exchanges. There are RSS feeds for Netflix’s latest releases so you can plan what you’ll watch tonight and feeds (via a fan) of popular songs and more to give you something new to listen to right now.

This makes the task of disabling or customizing of MSN feed feature a no-hassle process.

Choosing how you digest them is up to you, too, because with RSS and Zapier there are hundreds of possibilities.This is the case at Circa, a news startup that uses an RSS feed provided by App Figures to keep current on reviews of their app.They post the new reviews into their team instant messaging app, Slack: "Bringing in all of our App Store and Google Play reviews in real time helps our team understand what our readers think of our app," says Matt Galligan, the company's CEO and co-founder.As you can observe, the process is pretty straightforward and features present are simple to use.The configuration panel too has a minimal design and is not complicated.

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