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Ericksen said he could not immediately provide details about roughly 0 million in distributions that will remain frozen.The uncertainty about the contract and grant freeze coupled with the lack of information flowing from the agency since Trump took office have raised fears that states and other recipients could lose essential funding for drinking water protection, hazardous waste oversight and a host of other programs."Occasionally things that were known to be controversial would come up to me as assistant administrator and I was a political appointee.Nothing in my experience would go further than that.""There's no way to win if you try to change things," Gray said.Many of those problems are going to be solved by Millennials for whom owning a car and having strong feelings about it is a barbaric Boomer relic. For all the irritations that can come with car ownership, the essence of the automobile is the autonomy that it brings.The ability it gives, so long as there’s money for gas, to just get up and go, when you want, where you want, the way you want.Autonomous cars won’t have to route around traffic jams because traffic jams will never form in the first place — that’s the value of the network.

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Back to Pethokoukis: Some social media users were thrilled by Lutz’s prediction, commenting on the technology’s potential safety aspects and how it could make commuting easier. For these people, such knee-jerk opposition to driverless cars is all about maintaining personal autonomy and withstanding yet another elite assault on their lifestyle. Actually, there are plenty of good, not-so-difficult to think through reasons why the idea of legislating away the driver-car is a very, very bad idea.

"The level of mismanagement being exercised during this transition is startling and the impact on the public is alarming."For example, he said EPA employees aren't clear whether they can direct contractors who handle all of California's Superfund sites.

Some EPA employees have taken to their own social media accounts to say what's happening inside the agency, despite fears of retaliation.

As of January 1, 2012 all HIPAA covered entities must be compliant with Version 5010.

If you have not upgraded, there are resources available to assist you.

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