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At on the Blu-ray, we see that the day's special at the RR is split pea soup and lamb.At on the Blu-ray, Bobby and Mike arrive at the Johnson home and Bobby calls out for Shelly, who is apparently not home.In the , the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, Death, is said to ride a pale horse; her husband, Leland, is death, to her daughter Laura, and now her niece Maddy.Possibly, the horse is also representative of Sarah's own role in the deaths of her daughter and niece, as she seemingly refuses to consciously acknowledge what has been happening for years with her husband.At the beginning of the episode, Mike repeats his statement from the end of As the employees and clientele of the Great Northern are paraded in front of Mike for identification as to whether they are the host of BOB, notice at that Mr. Mike reacts a bit awkwardly, but confirms it is not BOB.It seems he many have been picking up (at least somewhat) on the fact that Tojamura was not what he seemed, being Catherine Martell in disguise.

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Possibly, this was an intentional play on the missing body parts of the One-Armed Man and Nadine Hurley.

(This actually is seen fairly frequently in assorted establishing shots of the restaurant shot on location in North Bend, WA.) During the RR scene with Shelly and Norma, the red tablecloths and flowers that have been on the tables in an attempt to impress the visiting critic M. During Nadine's visit to the RR, she seems to think she has been to Europe with her parents for a month and the town has changed while she was gone.

Did Nadine actually travel to Europe with her folks when she was in high school?

Trees are, of course, a motif in , Pete waxes poetic, "I think that I shall never see, a poem as lovely as Josie..." and some episodes suggest that Josie's soul may be imprisoned in the wood structure of the Great Northern Hotel where she died.

The final line of the Log Lady's poem, "Woe to the ones who behold the pale horse," is an obvious reference to Sarah Palmer, who sees a pale horse materialize in her bedroom just before Maddy is murdered by Leland/BOB in this episode.

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