Intimidating masks

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Two, it’s very heavy — it’s a surprisingly heavy costume.

One of the layers felt like one of those vests that you get at the dentist, like the lead smock they put on you when you get the x-ray [] And the third thing — and this is really the coolest thing — is that the distressing and the treatments that they did to the fabric are really cool.

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The [] It’s amazing when you see the show to know what they’ve created in the time frame, because I don’t think they even locked the script and were ready to start building things until I think it was Thursday for a Friday pre-shoot!The thing that really stands out to me is that there’s this big, woven, dark fabric that is sort of the outer cloak and hood and all that.And most of the time you’d get a fabric like that and it’s a soft looking fabric — it absorbs a lot of light.But when we got to the point where we had to walk up on set and put his mask on and hood up, I’m not gonna lie — it definitely gives you the chills!I took half a step back because he’s a big dude, and the mask is intimidating.

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