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True of False Questions in […] Relationship questions are some of the most interesting a person can ask.Whether you are asking your significant other, asking someone who is part of another couple, or reflecting on a relationship in which you participate, relationship questions reveal a lot about a person.It will interject a tone of humor into an otherwise serious discussion, and will hopefully get your date laughing and will set you both at ease. "As she looks at you with a raised eyebrow and a quizzical look, you should wait a few seconds and then laugh..."I am SO joking..."The question immediately breaks up the monotony of a question and answer session, and prevents it from feeling like a formal job interview.As she laughs, it will help her reflect on the fact that this a job interview - and that you are willing to take matters lightly. Other Funny Questions for a Date Some other odd questions to toss out in order to lighten up the mood includes: The important thing is to come up with a question that would catch someone off guard, but you should also avoid being vulgar or rude.

When your relationship is still fresh, it's nice to get to know the silly basics of what makes your man tick. Your boyfriend's answers to these questions should help you determine if the two of you have enough basic compatibility to live together on a daily basis.Funny Questions On a Date Yes, dating is a time when you are informally "interviewing" someone about their life, their desires, and their life goals.You are hoping to find a decent match with your own life goals and dreams.Think about what's important to you in terms of your current relationship.While you won't want to have his answers chosen for him ahead of time, you will want to think about what kind of answer you'd like him to give.

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