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Information obtained from this search may not be used to provide addresses for bulk mailings to faculty, staff, students, or parents of students.This search is provided for information of the University community and those who have specific interest in reaching individuals at Dalhousie University.It's possible Slimer may had been a bus driver when he was a living human being and it could explain how Slimer knows how to drive a bus.See more » (at around 54 mins) When Ray and Egon run the photo of Vigo through the spectronalizer the analyzed version of the photo is completed when the original photo is only halfway in the machine.If changes occur in your area, please help us keep this service up to date by emailing the information to us.To request or update a directory listing, please send an email to Directory. For additional information please call us at 902-494-3472.Following a ghost invasion of Manhattan, paranormal enthusiasts Erin Gilbert and Abby Yates, nuclear engineer Jillian Holtzmann, and subway worker Patty Tolan band together to stop the otherworldly threat.Five years after the events of the first film, the Ghostbusters have been plagued by lawsuits and court orders, and their once-lucrative business is bankrupt.

Batman must battle former district attorney Harvey Dent, who is now Two-Face and Edward Nygma, The Riddler with help from an amorous psychologist and a young circus acrobat who becomes his sidekick, Robin.

Accessions to the Library, io6, 298, 307, 408 Addis Query, 304 Allen Query, 102 Authors, see Contributors Biographical Sketches — Griffin, Walter Kenneth, B. II, 103 Cornelius Jansen Clopper and his Descendants, 403 Coxe and Connected Families, 103 Descendants of Jacob Hochstet- ler, the Immigrant of 1736, 404 Enoch and Elizabeth Mason, their Ancestry and Descendants, 405 Foreman-Farman-Forman Gene- alogy, 105 Fort Louisburg: — Its Two Sieges and Site To-day, 207 Genealogical and Family History of the State of Connecticut, 103 Genealogy of the Cloyd, Basye and Tapp Families in America with brief sketches referring to the Families of Ingels, Jones, Marshall and Smith, 407 Hampton History, 405 History and Genealogy of the Family of Hurd in the United States, 307 History of the Class of 1911, Yale College, 105 History of the Descendants of Peter Spicer, 403 History of St. Book Notices Notts Occasional Papers, 104 Parker in America, 1630-1910, 406 Perkins Families in the United States in 1790, 403 Quartermaster George Colton and his Descendants, 1644-1911, 306 Quindescennial Record of the Class of 1895, Sheffield Scien- tific School of Yale University, 307 Rodney's Diary and other Dela- ware Records, 402 Roster of Saint Andrew's Society of the State of New York with Biographical Data. James Pyne who settled in Hempstead during the first half of the seventeenth century appears to have been the first of the name to make a permanent home in this country, though one Thomas Pyne was admitted a freeman of the Colony of Massa- chusetts Bay as early as 1635, and "Thomas Pines" fought in the French and Indian Wars. Field's Dutchess County Regi- ment, in the Revolution, and to have died about 1823* Besides those mentioned, several of the name served in the army during the Revolution. Another John Pine was enrolled in the Fifth Dutchess County Regiment, and Philip and "Robert Pine were enrolled in the Second Regiment of same county. f Another Pine of Tory tendencies was Samuel of Massa- chusetts, who is described as "one of the eighteen country gentlemen who were driven from their habitations to Boston, and an addresser of General Gage on his departure in 1775." The foregoing notes, however fragmentary, will at least preserve the name of one of the early settlers of Long Island, and render considerable material which has not heretofore been printed, accessible to some future descendant who may have the benefit of records as yet undiscovered and the disposition to pursue the writer's investigations. The assessment roll, dated twenty-five years later, containing the names of about 350 taxpayers, indicates rapid settlement of the town simultaneously by two colonies: one from New England and the other from the North of Ireland.

Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2013 INDEX OF SUBJECTS. Sheffield Scientific School, Yale Univer- sity, 104 Book Notices {continued) Class of 1870, Yale College, 1870- 191 1, 306 Colonial Families of the United States of America, Vol. The third brother William appears to have served as a Captain in Col. John Pine was enrolled in the Second Regiment of Westchester County, and Samuel Pine in the Third Regiment of the same county. John, where he died in 1786, leaving three sons, Henry, Alpheus and Stephen. They came from Pelham, Mass., about 1764, but not until 1765-7 was there any considerable settlement of the town; so that the 1769 list was made up of those who had but recently arrived.

Y., 105 The Earliest Cuylers in Holland and America, 405 The Farmer Boy who became a Bishop: The autobiography of the Right Reverend Anson Rogers Graves, S. L., 113 Doty, Ethan Allen, 273,312,399 Greene, Richard Henry, 109,309 Griffin, Walter Kenneth, 201 Hutchinson, J. Henry, 67 Mc Cartney, Katharine Searle, 61 Orra Eugene Monnette, 388 Pine, John B., 1 Robbins, William A., 73, 127, 211, 373 Savary, A. A., 115 Totten, John R., 36, 165, 249, 325 Vosburgh, Royden W., 287 Wright, Tobias A., 209 Cook Query, 303 Copy of Family Record of the Elias Mulford and Elizabeth Gar- diner Families and Descen- dants, 61 Corrections, 303 Davis Query, 102 Dennis Query, 102 Descendants of Edward Tre(a)d\vell through his son John, 73, 127, 211,373 Early New York Churches. The Wan- derings of a New York Family, "3 Genealogical Records — Doughty Family, 273,312 Hunt Family, 115 Pyne (Pine) Family, 1 Ramsey Ancestry, 388 Thacher-Thatcher Family,36, 165, 249.325 Tre(a)dwell Family, 73, 127, 211, 373 Gilbert Query, 102 Greenfield Query, 102 Green Query, 304 Griffin, Walter Kenneth, B. Davenport Coat-af-Arms, 189 Fac-simile copy of the original subscription paper for building the first church at Salem, N. This town was called New Perth until after the War of the Revo- lution, 8 Parish House of Upton Pyne, the Tower of which was built by Sir Herbert de Pyne about 1720, 1 Symonds Coat-of-Arms, 293 Sandys (Sands) Coat-of-Arms, 289 James Pyne (Pine) of Hempstead, Long Island, and some of his Descendants, 1 Jones Query, 304 Leavitt Query, 102 Lieutenant-Colonel Benjamin Hunt, the Loyalist, his Ancestry and Descendants, 115 Merritt Query, 304 Montgomery Query, 303 Officers, New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, 108 Ogden Query, 102 Portraits — Hurry, Edmund Abdy, 209 Sherman, William Watts, 309 Weatherbee, Edwin Henry, 109 Queries, 102, 303 Ramsey Ancestry of Ensign William Ramsey, 388 Rapalje Query, 303 Records — I Baptisms of the Reformed Church at Machackemeck (Deerpark), 12, 141, 225, 249 Early New York Church Records, 287 Family Record of the Elias Mum- ford and Elizabeth Gardiner Families and Descendants, 61 Records of Baptisms of the Reformed Church at Machackemeck (Deerpark), 12, 141, 225, 349 Registration of Pedigrees — Allerton — William Isaac Walker, 294 Armstrong — William Clinton Armstrong, 200 Broucard (Brokaw) — George Tuttle Brokaw, 98 Coles — Hopper Striker Mott, 197 Davenport — W i 1 1 i a m Isaac Walker, 189 Dudley — Winchester Fitch, 94 Durant — William Durant, 289 Fauconnier — William Henry Fal- coner, 89 Fitch — Winchester Fitch, 92 Gooking — John Reynolds Totten, 297 Gould — George Tuttle Brokaw, 98 Greenleaf — John Reynolds Totten, 300 Hance— Carolyn Gilpin Rush, 90 Hoppe — Hopper Striker Mott, 195 King — George Austin Morrison, Jr., 295 Livingston — Henry Pierson Gib- son, 91 Lockwood — W i 1 1 i a m Isaac W 7 alker, 191 Lyddall — J o s e p h i n e (Adams) Perry, 194 Manning — Winchester Fitch, 93 Mott — Hopper Striker Mott, 198 Mumford — John Reynolds Totten, 209 Palmer — Ann Elizabeth (Martin) Hoerner, 193 Perry— Alexander James Perry, 296 Plympton — Gilbert Motier Plymp- ton, 89 Pryer (Pryoeur)— Charles Pryer, 289 Ruggles — Henry Stoddard Rug- gles, 290 Sandys (Sands) — James Thomas Sands, 293 Index of Subjects . He does not seem to have been of this " companie " but to have followed them very soon, as he received an allotment from the town of the usual house lot and wood lot, Dec. When he came to Massachusetts Bay, or by what vessel is not known, nor is anything known definitely as to his ancestry, but there has long been a tradition among his descendants that he came from Devonshire, which, according to Sir William Pole, who wrote in 1590, had been "the long contynewed Dwellinge of the Family of Pyne." It seems very probable that he was the James Pyne, son of William and Mary Pyne, who was baptized in Woodbury, near Exeter, Devonshire, England, on June 4, 1608, and who married Edith Williams in St. No records of births, baptisms, marriages or deaths were kept by the churches; at least the writer has been unable to discover any such records covering the first hundred years of the churches' existence there.

George's Church in the City of New York, 1752- 1811-1911, ic6 History of the New York Society Library, with an introductory chapter on libraries in Colonial New York, 1698-1776, 105 Index of the Genealogical and Historical Queries and Answers from the New York Mail and Express, Vol. Y., and his Descendants, 207 John Foster: The Earliest Ameri- can Engraver, and the First Boston Printer, 103 Miscellaneous Notes, Pedigrees, etc., relating to persons of the surname of Bull, 305 Newmarket Notes (Prestatyn Hundred, Flintshire), Part 'i, 105 North Carolina Historical Society Publications, Vol. Part I, from its organization to the end of the American Revolution, 1756— 1783, 206 Ruggles Homesteads, 306 Sixteenth Annual Report, 191 1, of the American Scenic and His- toric Preservation Society, to the Legislature of the State of New York, 306 Sketches of the Forney Family, 406 Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Illinois, 207 Some Emigrants to Virginia, 105 Somerset County Historical Quar- terly, 206 The Ancestry and Descendants of Gustavus Beall and Thomas Hugh Beall, 305 The Ancestors and Descendants of Rulef Schenck, 405 The Autobiography of Thomas Collier Piatt, 306 The Baird Family Centennial, 402 The Benjamin Families from Col- umbia County, N. D., 104 The Frost Genealogy, Descen- dants of William Frost of Oyster Bay, New York, showing con- nections never before published with the Winthrop, Underhill, Feke, Bowne and Wickes Fam- ilies, 206 The Gravestone Records of Shafts- bury, Bennington Co., Vt., 403 The Letters of Moore Furman, Deputy Quartermaster-General of New Jersey in the Revolution, 305 The Mayer Family, 105 Book Notices {continued) The New Haven Colony Histori- cal Society. 20, 191 1, 206 The Nottingham Graveyard Guide, Historical, Descriptive, Genealogical, with Appendices on the Churchyards of Greasley and Flawford, Notts, England, and exhaustive lists of Sur- names, 104 The Paynes of Hamilton, 404 The Van Dyke Family, 407 Who was the Mother of Frank- lin's Son, 104 Ye Historie of ye Town of Green- wich, Connecticut, 304 Brinkerhoff Query, 303 Church Records, see Records Claessen Query, 303 Clues from English Archives Con- tributory to American Gene- alogy, 67 Congle Query, 102 Contributors — Bartlett, W. B., Biographical Sketch, 210 Hints for the Searching of Records, 399 Hurry, Edmund Abdy, M. B., Biographical Sketch, 209 Illustrations, see also Portraits. JAMES PYNE (PINE) OF HEMPSTEAD, LONG ISLAND, AND SOME OF HIS DESCENDANTS. The name of James Pyne, or " Pine " as it was afterwards spelled, is found in the Town Records of Stamford, Connecticut, which was settled in the summer of 1641, by a " companie of Wethersfield (Mass.) men," under a grant from the New Haven Colony. James and Benjamin Pine were captains, and William Pine a sergeant in the Hempstead Com- pany of Queens County Militia, of which David and Richard Pine were also members. * Records of Fishkill and Kingston; Tombstone Inscriptions; Family Records; New York in the Revolution ; Dutchess Co. The records are rendered more valuable from the fact that these early settlers, while possessing marked intelligence and culture, were very careless about preserving vital statistics. "Assessment Roll of all the real and Personal Estate of the Freeholders and inhabitants of the Town of Salem in the County of Washington, taken and made out this 24th May, 1794.

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