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So, they mean the same thing, but the context in which someone might use one term over the other depends often on whether or not there is a delegate assignment occurring or if the anonymous method is being passed directly to another method. Then you can also drop the check of Invoke Required; you can just call it as it is.

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(adj.) A setting in which the act of roleplaying is strongly encouraged, or even enforced.

“We see this as a form of electronic civil disobedience,” he told the crowd. Users who did not enter a screen name were given the default handle Anonymous.

In 1999, the Recording Industry Association of America sued Napster, the file-sharing service, for copyright infringement. Poole hoped that anonymity would keep things irreverent.

He and his friends took turns monitoring the local emergency channel.

One friend’s father bought a bubble light and affixed it to the roof of his car; when the boys heard a distress call from a stranded motorist, he’d drive them to the side of the highway.

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